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The Anchoring Innovation programme has initiated its own open access book series with Brill, called Euhormos.


Euhormos (εὔορμος) is an international book series intended for monographs and collective volumes on classical antiquity. Specifically, it welcomes manuscripts related to the concept of ‘anchoring innovation’ by classical scholars of all disciplines from all over the world. All books will be published Open Access.

Submission of manuscripts/further questions
If you are interested to publish a book in this series, please contact Brill’s Assistant Editor for Classical Studies, Giulia Moriconi, at

The Early Reception and Appropriation of the Apostle Peter (60-800 CE)

The Early Reception and Appropriation of the Apostle Peter (60-800 CE)

Subtitle : The Anchors of the Fisherman
Series : Euhormos
Author : Roald Dijkstra
ISBN : 978-90-04-42567-5
Publication Date : 26 March 2020

The apostle Peter gradually became one of the most famous figures of the ancient world. His almost undisputed reputation made the disciple an exquisite anchor by which new practices within and outside the Church could be established, including innovations in fields as diverse as architecture, art, cult, epigraphy, liturgy, poetry and politics. This interdisciplinary volume inquires the way in which the figure of Peter functioned as an anchor for various people from different periods and geographical areas. The concept of Anchoring Innovation is used to investigate the history of the reception of the apostle Peter from the first century up to Charlemagne, revealing as much about Peter as about the context in which this reception took place.