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Radboud University
Erasmusplein 1
6500 HD Nijmegen

Dr. Suzanne van de Liefvoort
+31(0)24 3611276

The Anchoring Innovation travel grant is a travel grant for OIKOS members who work with the concept of Anchoring Innovation. Postdocs and PhD's from the Anchoring project are expected to use their personal budget first.

Travel grant

The Anchoring Innovation project provides travel grants for research that is directly related to the concept of Anchoring Innovation. All OIKOS members with a master’s or higher degree can submit a grant proposal via the form.* PhDs and postdocs from the Anchoring Innovation project are expected to first use their personal budget.

* Associated members and research master students cannot apply.

Up to €1000,-

The grant covers costs up to €1000,-. Grants are paid afterwards and only if the costs can be accounted for by official receipts and if a short report (about 200 words) is submitted (which includes the output of the trip, such as lectures and articles).


Proposals can be submitted year round.
Grants are awarded three times a year: around 1 April, 1 September and 1 December.
Please submit your application well in advance of your intended travel!


The Anchoring Innovation Travel Committee consists of Prof. C.H.M. Kroon and Prof. O.M. van Nijf.

Anchoring Innovation Travel grant form
  • Travel grant form in English here.
  • Travel grant form in Duch / Nederlands here.

For more questions, you can address the AI coordinator.