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The Anchoring Innovation Work Package 6 ‘Reception of Antiquity’ organizes a workshop on the reception of golden age rhetoric from Antiquity up to the 21st century.

Welcome and Introduction

12.15: Zoom open

12.30: Welcome & Introduction (Susanna de Beer & Louis Verreth)

Session 1 (12.45-13.45): Antiquity (Chair: Annet den Haan, UU)

Alexander Egorov (UU) – The Reign of Kypris: Empedocles’ Account of the Golden Age and Its Ancient Receptions

Wouter Maassen (UU) – Hellenistic court poetry: kings as bringers of a new golden age

Hans Smolenaars – Golden Ages in Vergil

Matthew Payne (UL) – Calpurnius Siculus: anchoring a Golden Age in the Golden Age that never was

Reinier Langerak – The Age of the Antonines: Cassius Dio’s Golden Age Rhetoric



Session 2 (14.00-15.00): Medieval and Early Modern (Chair: Koen Vacano, VU)

Els Rose (UU) – Orbis terrarum – orbis christianus

Annet den Haan (UU): Patronage discourse: the return of the Golden Age under Pope Nicholas V (r. 1447-1455)

Louis Verreth (UL): Lorenzo the Magnificent’s Revival of Augustus’ Golden Age in Neo-Latin Poetry

David Rijser (RUG/UvA): The Coryciana and Augustan literature

Ruben Poelstra (UL): Iam redit et Virgo: the return of Virgil’s Golden Age in Sannazaro’s De Partu Virginis



Session 3 (15.15-16.10): Modern and Contemporary (Chair: Nicolò Bettegazzi, RUG)

Koen Vacano (UvA) – Golden Ages in Galaxies Far, Far Away…

Nicholas de Sutter (KU Leuven) – Resurrectio and Risorgimento: the Italian Unification as a New Golden Age in Neo-Latin Literature

Susanna de Beer (UL) – The Return of the Renaissance in Modern Europe: another Rebirth of Antiquity?

Roelie Kuijpers (UU) – References to Greco-Roman antiquity and Middle Ages by contemporary radical and far-right groups in Europe in support of their Dark and Golden Age ideology



Session 4 (16.30-17.15): Drinks and Brainstorm Session (Chairs: Susanne de Beer, UL, & Louis Verreth, UL)

If you want to participate, please send an email to Louis Verreth ( or Anchoring Innovation (