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Annual workshop on Knowledge Utilization. We highly recommend you to participate in this workshop at least once during your appointment as a PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher within the Anchoring Innovation program.

As every year, IDfuse hosts a workshop on 'knowledge utilization' for the PhD candidates and postdocs in the Anchoring Innovation program. It will be an interactive workshop where we will let you do the work. In the workshop we will discuss the definition and value of knowledge utilization in general, before we share our thoughts with you. We will introduce our method to find the 'potential societal impact' that can be hidden in your research. After the introduction, you will have time to apply the method to your own research, and afterwards we will discuss the potential activities for yourself in small groups where we can build upon each others ideas. The aim for the workshop is to have ideas for at least one, and hopefully multiple, knowledge utilization activities. Please also know that IDfuse if part of the Anchoring Innovation program and, therefore, also available after the workshop to help you execute your plans, or to further brainstorm about possibilities. Hope to see you all the 27th of October!