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This conference takes place within the framework of the Anchoring Innovation project and is co-sponsored by the RUG Crasis research centre and the Netherlands Institute at Rome (KNIR).

Preliminary Program

Registration | Coffee & Tea

Opening & Introduction
Jeremia Pelgrom & Marleen Termeer

Session 1: Territorial anchoring strategies in the Archaic World (Chair: Jan Paul Crielaard) )

Hard row to hoe: The implication of agricultural practices and subsistence strategies for study of the Greek colonization in Southern Italy (ca. 800-550 BC.).
Lou Godefroy
, VU University (Amsterdam)

Accounting for climate: Assessing the political and economic dimensions of environmental change and land-use during the so-called Greek colonization in Southern Italy.
Taariq Ali Sheik
, VU University (Amsterdam)

Bridging the gulf between city and outpost, Phoenician and Greek, friend and foe.
Brien Garnand, NINO (Leiden)

12:00-13:30 Lunch

Session 2: Territorial anchoring strategies in the Hellenistic and Roman world (Chair: Jeremia Pelgrom)

Settlement systems in the Sibaritide area (Italy): continuity and discontinuity between the Hellenistic and the Roman periods.
Martina Cecilia Parini, University of Groningen

Anchoring early Roman colonisation strategies to existing settlement systems in central-southern Italy.
Anita Casarotto & Tesse Stek
, University of Groningen

The impact of land division systems on Roman colonial landscapes.
Tymon de Haas
, University of Groningen

Aquileia, an obviously innovative colony ... but which innovation?
Michel Tarpin, University of Grenoble | Anchoring Innovation Visiting Fellow

15:30-16:00: Coffee & Tea

‘Not without reason’. Anchoring the role of institutional language in colonial settings.
Michele Valandro
, Radboud University (Nijmegen)

Anchoring a 2nd-century-CE colony: the case of colonia Aelia Augusta Italicensium.
Manuel Alejandro González
, Pablo de Olavide University (Seville)

Bulwarks of empire or bulwarks of the emperor? Advancing imperial control in and through the colonies.
Anouk Vermeulen
, Utrecht University

17:30- 18:00
Imagine no diaspora: Jewish foundation stories in the early Roman empire.
Eelco Glas
, University of Groningen

19:00 -
Conference dinner (for participants only)

This workshop is organized by Jeremia Pelgrom (Groningen University) and Marleen Termeer (Radboud University).