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A key role in the process of innovation is played by what we define as ‘agents of change’: individuals or non-human beings, things, or factors that promoted, instigated, intended, invented, or adopted something new.

The workshop ‘Agents of Change’ is one of the overarching projects designed to bring together the researchers from all of the Work Packages of Anchoring Innovation.

Please note that the workshop takes the place of the usual Anchoring Innovation Spring Expert Meeting.

For participation, please register here.


Session 1 Classical Literature (15:00-16:00)

Chair: André Lardinois (Radboud University)

15:00-15:10 Luuk Huitink (University of Amsterdam), “‘Nihil autem crescit sola imitatione' (Quint. IO 10.2.8): Conceptualisations of the history of literature in antiquity”

15:10-15:20 Brett Evans (University of Virginia), “A [new] star among the old”: Callimachus and Conon as competing agents of change”

15:20-15:30 Merlijn Breunesse, Lidewij van Gils, and Caroline Kroon (University of Amsterdam), “Cicero as an agent of change in late-Republican Rome”

15:30-15:45 Discussion in break-out rooms

15:45-16:00 Plenary discussion

16:00-16:15 Break

Session 2 Early Christian Literature (16:15-17:00)

Chair: Silvia Castelli (Leiden University)

16:15-16:25 Roald Dijkstra (KU Leuven), “Ecclesiastical engagement or political poetry? Commodianus, Constantine and Juvencus and the origins of Christian verse”

16:25-16:35 Nienke Vos (VU Amsterdam) “John Cassian as an agent of change in Western monasticism”

16:35-16:45 Discussion in break-out rooms

16:45-17:00 Plenary discussion

17:00-17:15 Break

Session 3 Humanism (17:15-18:15)

Chair: Susanna de Beer (Leiden University)

17:15-17:25 Annet den Haan (NWO & Utrecht University), “Changing translation practices in fifteenth-century Italy: Patrons and clients as agents of change in humanist GreekLatin translations”

17:25-17:35 Raf Van Rooy (Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) & KU Leuven), “Erasmus, superspreader of New Ancient Greek?”

17:35-17:45 Discussion in break-out rooms

17:45-18:00 Plenary discussion

18:00-18:15 Concluding remarks by Ineke Sluiter

18:15-18:45 Virtual drinks