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A key role in the process of innovation is played by what we define as ‘agents of change’: individuals or non-human beings, things, or factors that promoted, instigated, intended, invented, or adopted something new.

The workshop ‘Agents of Change’ is one of the overarching projects designed to bring together the researchers from all of the Work Packages of Anchoring Innovation.

Please note that this workshop takes the place of the usual Anchoring Innovation Spring Expert Meeting.

For participation, please register here.


15:00-15:15 Welcome and Introduction by Silvia Castelli (Leiden University), “Agents of change: Theoretical framework”

Keynote lecture (15:15-16:00)

Chair: Ineke Sluiter (Leiden University)

15:15-15:35 John McNeill (Georgetown University), “Mosquitoes, Molecules, and Megafauna: Who and What Has Agency in Human History?”

15:35-15:45 Discussion in break-out rooms

15:45-16:00 Plenary discussion

16:00-16:15 Break

Session 1 Architecture, Infrastructure, Festivals (16:15-17:15)

Chair: Josine Blok (Utrecht University)

16:15-16:25 Jean Vanden Broeck-Parant (Utrecht University), “Builders, architects and commissioners: Agents of architectural change in 4th c. BCE Epidauros and Delphi”

16:25-16:35 Manolis Pagkalos and Christian Kicken (University of Groningen & Radboud University), “Destruction and (re)construction from infrastructure to ideology: Interpreting Roman rule as an agent of change”

16:35-16:45 Robin van Vliet and Onno van Nijf (University of Groningen), “Festival organisers as agents of change. Anchoring Roman power in the Greek (festival) world”

16:45-17:00 Discussion in break-out rooms

17:00-17:15 Plenary discussion

17:15-17:30 Break

Session 2 Medicine and Philosophy (17:30-18:15)

Chair: Teun Tieleman (Utrecht University)

17:30-17:40 Chiara Cecconi (Utrecht University), “Demystifying the body: Herophilus, Erasistratus and anatomical investigations”

17:40-17:50 Albert Joosse (Utrecht University), “The anonymous agency of the pseudoplatonic dialogues”

17:50-18:00 Discussion in break-out rooms

18:00-18:15 Plenary discussion

18:15-18:45 Virtual drinks