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Today: science communication / podcasts and vlogs with Albert Joosse and Glyn Muitjens


SYMPOSIUM is an initiative organized for PhD students and postdocs of OIKOS and Anchoring Innovation. It is a virtual get-together to exchange ideas, pose hypotheses, discuss writing samples, or simply catch up with kindred colleagues.

A regular session of SYMPOSIUM can host two contributions (each ca. 30 minutes, including discussion), with a short break in between, and is completed by virtual drinks.

If a session contains a contribution in which a writing sample is discussed, participants are asked to read this sample beforehand (maximum of 10 pages).


The idea for the this recurring event originates from the COVID-19 regulations. There are fewer intercollegiate meetings, fewer social encounters and much, much more doing your research from home, alone. To engage in each other’s research life, to hear new ideas or to read work in progress, but also to fight social isolation and to simply see each other on a regular basis, SYMPOSIUM saw the light.

Where and When?

Online, via Zoom, every first Monday of the month from 15:30-17:00 (unless stated otherwise).

Participation is completely voluntary. You don’t need to register. All PhD students and postdocs in OIKOS and Anchoring Innovation receive next session’s program, including the Zoom link. If you want to participate, just log on at the right moment (and make a mental, written or digital note not to miss the moment)!


If you want to contribute to SYMPOSIUM, please let us know by sending an e-mail to or In this e-mail, you mention the type of contribution you would like to make (writing sample, pitch, …) and your preferred month to grab the podium!