9th of December

International conference 'Anchoring Technology in Greco-Roman Antiquity' - day 1

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International conference 'Anchoring Technology in Greco-Roman Antiquity' - day 1

Our conference on ‘anchoring technology in Greco-Roman Antiquity’ will bring together students of the ancient societies of Greece and Rome and specialists in the various disciplines that address the spread and adoption of technological innovation in the modern world: economists, sociologists, anthropologists, marketing specialists, psychologists, and philosophers studying the implications of technological innovation.

Key note lecture by dr. Miko Flohr (Leiden University): click here.

For participation, please register here.

Program Wednesday, December 9

15:45-16:00: Welcome and technical “registration”

Session 1: Scientific Thought in Antiquity, Part I (16:00-17:00)

16:00-16:10 Introduction by Ineke Sluiter (Leiden University), “Anchoring, innovation, and technology”

16:10-16:20: Jill Baker (Florida International Univ.), “‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’: recognizing the contributions of ancient Near Eastern technology.”

16:20-16:30: Giovanni Fanfani, Annapurna Mamidipudi, Ellen Harlizius-Klück (Deutsches Museum, Munich), “Textile technology as anchor for innovation in archaic Greece?”

16:30-16:45: Discussion in Break-out rooms

16:45-17:00: Plenary discussion

17:00-17:30 Break

Session 2: Communication Technology (17:30-18:30)

17:30-17:40: Introduction by Enny Das (Radboud University)

17:40-17:50: Mark de Kreij (Radboud University), “Innovation in book craft in Roman Egypt.”

17:50-18:00: Manolis Pagkalos (Groningen University), “Anchoring political change: coins between social imagination and contemporary reality in the Greek World.”

18:00-18:15: Discussion in Break-out rooms

18:15-19:00: Plenary discussion

18:30-19:00 Break

Session 3: Stories of Inventions and Inventors (19:00-20:00)

19:00-19:10: Introduction by James McAllister (Leiden University)

19:10-19:20: Serena Connolly (Rutgers University), “Stories in glass: the history of innovation in Imperial anecdotes”

19:20-19:30: Michiel Meeusen (King’s College London), “Of myths and machines: technology and traditional storytelling in Imperial Rome”

19:30-19:45: Discussion in Break-out rooms

19:45-20:00: Plenary discussion

20:00-20:30 After Party