'Innovating Objects? Reading spolia in Greek and Latin literature

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In this workshop a number of long and significant spolia scenes from Greek and Latin literature, which report the act of taking away spolia or the display of spolia in a victory pompe or triumph, often in the form of an ekphrasis, stand central. The aim of the workshop is to combine and cross-fertilize different approaches, so as to come to a better understanding of this intriguing phenomenon.

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9.30–9.45: Connecting, set up & trouble shooting (“Can you hear me?”)


9.45-10.00: Re-reading spolia: objects as innovators (Miguel John Versluys)


10.00-10.50: Herodotus, 9.80-83: Persian objects entering the Greek world
(Irene de Jong and Janric van Rookhuijzen)

10.50-11.00: break

11.00-11.50: Cicero, De Natura Deorum 3.84-85: Greek objects entering Sicily
(Christoph Pieper and Rebecca Henzel)

11.50-12.30: lunch break

12.30-13.20: Polybius 9.10: Sicilian objects entering the Roman Republic
(Rutger Allan and Suzan van de Velde)

13.20-13.30: break

13.30-14.20: Diodorus Siculus, 31.8.9-31.8.13 (+ Plutarch, Aemilius P., 32-34): Macedonian objects entering the Roman Republic (Michel Buijs and Rolf Strootman)

14.20-15.00: tea break

15.00-15.50: Josephus, Bellum Judaicum 7.121-152: Jewish objects entering the Roman Empire
(Luuk Huitink and Eric Moormann)

15.50-16.00: break

Final conclusions and general discussion

16.00-16.20: Intrusive objects: an anthropological perspective (Pieter ter Keurs)

16.20-16.50: En guise de conclusion (Carrie Vout)

16.50-17.00: General discussion